St. Francis Preschool offers a developmentally-paced program with a balance of structured and unstructured play. Children learn about the world by seeing, hearing, and touching. The curriculum provides each child with activities and materials that encourage observation, problem-solving, decision making, and group interaction. Activities that foster creativity, imagination, communication, and self-expression are emphasized. Kindergarten readiness is interwoven throughout the program.

Our semi-structured, play-based program includes periods of self-directed time where children work independently and direct their own play as well as periods of teacher-directed activities. Essential components of our curriculum include art, literature, music, singing, nature study, science, dramatic play, and movement. Pre-reading and pre-math experiences are provided through hands-on games and materials. Outdoor play is an important part of our curriculum and includes playhouses, gardening, carpentry areas, water, and sand play, as well as the use of tricycles, swings, a tree ship, slides, and climbing structures. 
St. Francis Preschool - Novato, CA