For over 50 years, the program at St. Francis has focused on children's social-emotional growth and  social competence. The staff recognize and honor each child's individual personality, abilities, and development. Our goal is to create confident and curious learners who enjoy being at school,  advocate for themselves, and can be good friends.  We create opportunities for children to expressive themselves appropriately,  practice kindness and respect for others, and develop friendships.    We use a positive approach to discipline, stressing descriptive praise, reflective listening, and replay.

At St. Francis we:

    •    Offer a play based curriculum
    •    Provide open ended projects where children can learn at their own pace
    •    Design environments for cooperative play
    •    Use child centered activities to stimulate creativity and problem solving
    •    Model positive interactions
Daily activities include art, music and movement, literature, natural and physical science, and pre-reading and pre-math experiences.  The spacious playground features a safe, rubberized surface,  play structures, swing sets, and areas for imaginative play.  Our side yard contains a garden planter for each classroom, and shaded tables for outdoor projects.
St. Francis Preschool - Novato, CA