About Us

St. Francis Preschool offers an inclusive learning environment that welcomes children and families of all religions, beliefs, races, and cultures. Although our school is part of the St. Francis Episcopal Church, our curriculum does not include religious education. An optional chapel program is offered to interested students and their families.

We provide a developmentally appropriate education with an excellent balance between structure, play, socialization, and kindergarten readiness. Our semi-structured program includes periods of self-directed time where children learn and discover through their play, as well as teacher-directed activities.

St. Francis Preschool has been serving families in the North Bay Area since 1967, providing a nurturing and stable learning environment for young children. Today, our preschool has traditions that have been a part of St. Francis for decades. Blending those with up-to-date practices and a highly trained staff, we strive to provide the best possible early childhood education experience.
St. Francis Preschool - Novato, CA